COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers

We want you to be equipped to understand the order, what’s changed since the order was first proposed, and what your employer’s next steps will be.

Mandatory vaccination order for healthcare workers

The final orders making the scope and timelines of the law clear have now been released.

The scope is very broad, and it is very likely that if you work in any health setting, you will be covered by the order.

This means if you decide not to be vaccinated, or not to disclose your vaccination status to your employer, your employment can be terminated.

After consultation, you now have more time to receive your vaccinations:

  • 15 November to receive their first vaccination, and
  • 1 January to meet the requirement to be fully vaccinated

Because the Government has now made this law, our job is to ensure E tū members have a good understanding of what the order means, and that your workplace rights are upheld and the process employers follow to implement the order is fair.

This includes E tū representing those who decide not to be vaccinated or who meet the criteria for an exemption to the order.

Unvaccinated healthcare workers

If you are still undecided about having the vaccine, we encourage you to seek reassurance and answers to your concerns so you’re able to continue your career in health and to provide care for your clients/patients, as well as for your whānau and community, while keeping everyone safe.

Your doctor is a great place to start, as they’re equipped to answer any questions.

Some of the common queries about vaccinations are also addressed on the Unite Against COVID-19 website and may be helpful to you or others you know. CLICK HERE for more.

If you feel you may be entitled to an exemption to the order, we encourage you to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider.

Vaccination status

Your employer will be formally requesting information from you about your vaccination status. They are now required to collect this.

The evidence required is a formal vaccination record or in a letter from the Ministry of Health.

You can access your formal vaccination records HERE.

What is E tū doing now?

E tū is writing to all health employers setting out the process we expect to be followed with respect to anyone who does not meet the requirements set out in the order.

We will be advocating for proper consultation with workers about the vaccine requirement as it relates specifically to their roles, and want to see that workers have access to information and community support regarding the vaccine.

We want to see a fair process for those who cannot be vaccinated. If a risk assessment shows that vaccination is necessary for a worker’s particular role, then an employer should make the best effort to find suitable, alternative work for workers who are not vaccinated.

For more on how the Government’s order will be implemented and the steps followed, CLICK  HERE.

Need help?

If you have queries about how this announcement impacts on your employment, please call 0800 186 466 or speak with your E tū delegate or organiser.

Last updated: 27 October 2021